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For you my Arrogant Friend

It can’t be that you are that callous.That I took you in and you defame my family name, You worthless fool with no manners, Why didn’t I kick you between the legs when I had the chance?
It can’t be that you have no shame, That you ate my food and took a shit on my shoes, And had I not found you out, You would be teaching bad habits to my kids. Have you no respect for yourself?
You woke me up in the wee hours of the morning, Your alcohol laced voice interrupting my pleasant dreams, Why do you sing your out of tune song on my lawn, What sort of drunken gibberish were you babbling? Could it be that you’ve gotten any more insolent, That suddenly you have no respect for others of your kind? You constantly belittle them, You continually ridicule them, You point and you call them pagans, But you are no different from them, Your arrogance and hypocrisy damn you.
But then I can’t blame you, I only blame me, I spoke of you in Addis Ababa, I spoke of you in Accra, I spoke of you in the Zongos, And I fed your arrogance,

Ghana is no place for Dreams


A hawker
Tiredly taps
On the rolled window
Of a prisoner of traffic.

For sale:
Bootlegged aspirations
Bagged in small sizes
Sold at half price,
or less

On the radio,
There's a man
Talking incoherently.

The glazed-eyed
Traffic inmate
Hears neither the hawker
Nor the man.

Ghana is no place for dreams.

*****Sept 19, 2018*****
Ghana is no place for dreams. — jerome (@readJerome) September 18, 2018