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Mother's Magic

The pillars of creation
are held in place by
the potency
of my Mother's magic.

of old
Lost to man
reside in her bosom.

Father says
A love recipe hangs down my mother's neck.

*****November 15, 2016*****

A love recipe hangs down my mother's neck — A (@poetra_asantewa) November 14, 2016

Terms and Conditions

They say,
The best things in life
are free.

I've mortgaged my dreams
and bought
Life's realities

The best things,
They'll finally be mine...

*****May 11, 2017*****

Living the Dream

I'm selling false dreams
And getting high  On my own supply. 
A wave  Of delusion  Of self-grandeur hits me; 
I know  I'm living the dream...

*****May 10, 2017*****