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Post Black Exodus Earth

In the not so distant future,
there would hang,
in museums on Earth,
in vibrant colors,
of men with bronze skin
with exaggerated toned thighs,
and women with hair painted in the darkest shades of black.

And children,
in schools,
will learn sanitized versions
of how
Bronze Skins were trapped,
shipped and sold like exotic pets.
How they thrived in strange lands
then, got hunted like predatory pests,
for sports,
just because...

Eons after Exodus,
On Mother Planet, Earth,
upon closer inspection
the bullet fractured skull
of the only known complete skeleton
of a bronze-skinned man,
an anthropologist
discovers a paradigm-shifting truth,
"Negroes were human too..."

*****October 2, 2016*****
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