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The World Outside Mine by @quasiadu

If I should stand here
And speak my mind
I will speak of places
Places I have seen and heard of
I will even speak of the faces
That fill the spaces of my mind

I will speak of Korle
Bu, Dudor, Wokon and Gonno
And sickening stench from the Lagoon
That wafts gently through the air
I will speak of the dirtied skins
And the pregnant, half-fed bodies
Of women and girls
Who are desperate to find choices
They were never given

I will tell you
Of the harsh life of Kumasi Kejetia
I will speak of the curbside prophets
Sermonizing soulfully for their pockets
I will tell you about the beggars
In fraying dresses
From the lands beyond here
And I will speak of time
Time expiring towards emptiness

I will speak to you
About the other side
Of beautiful Accra
Of the attractive head porter
Whose life has oft been
A bias of the plain truth
Searching for the place
And the space that isn't there
I will also tell you of her child
Hungry for his mother's soured milk
His numb fingers holding on her
His w…

A Girl Called Mirage

How your lips move with words;
you savour each syllable
and I,
Can't help but wonder how they'll taste
If I picked them off your tongue.

How light dances in your eyes;
like mischievous spirits
dancing around fires
and I,
long to peer deep
till I'm singed, moth to fire.

How your hair shines in the sun;
stubborn, jet black
cotton candy
Halo crowns you,
and I,
stretch an arm
In worship, you Gaia incarnate.

How raindrops run down your curves;
Leaving traces on your
Dark Chocolate skin,
And I,
watch in envy their sensual descent.

How your aura holds attention;
like shimmering light
in pitch black night
and I,
a Deer,
Blinded in headlights
Spellbound before deadly impact.

How your presence holds me captive;
like all things that lead men astray,
desire trumps reason,
and I,
into the desert, follow a mirage,
knowing fully, this won't end well.

*****April 16*****