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Shaming the Family Name

You did not become a Doctor,
Or a Lawyer,
Or an Engineer,
Or anything better
that Mother can brag about to nosy neighbours
Now, when Father talks about his children,
He somehow forgets your name.

You denied Dear Mother
the chance to give testimony at Women's Fellowship
And she's still bitter
from listening to others talk about their children
And how the Lord blessed them.

You wasted Father's money;
3 years in High School, studying Science
4 years in University, reading Engineering
Then you went and became,
an artist, a designer of glorified road signs.

Now when Father talks about you,
He shakes his head slowly,
Saying, "what sin did I commit to deserve this",
You broke your father's heart.

And it matters not
How much success you achieve,
Or how much critical acclamation you receive,
They say you shamed the family name.
But, oh, this thing called shame,
You wear it so well, Like a crown, in your own world.

You dared to sing a different tune,
You made it hard f…

Today I Laughed

Today, I laughed,
When you've hidden for so long
behind layers of my plastic smile
Laughter is a foreign language
With accents too hard for the tongue.

Today, I laughed,
At myself,
Falling over myself,
Trying desperately to get your attention
While you struggled not to laugh
At the awkwardness of my effort,
My ego, unimpressed watched,
And still, you didn't laugh.

Today, I laugh,
For the first time in forever,
And as it echoed in the emptiness of my torso,
I felt walls I didn't know I had built,
Come crumbling down.

Today, I laughed,
It was like speaking a dead language,
It felt scholastic, poetic,
Like deciphering hieroglyphic riddles
Etched on your brows as you struggled not to laugh,
Like finding secret meanings in you.

Today, I laughed,
For the first time in forever,
And I'd rather not wait another eternity
So excuse my awkwardness and sit by me

*****March 21, 2016*****

Sunday School Boy

Your body is the temple of God,
And I was glad when you said to me
"Let us go into the house of the Lord"

I'm here to worship
To bury my face in your bosom,
So full of grace,
And rightly divide your Word of Truth.

I am the Gentile Commander,
Here to plunge in your River, Jordan,
More than seven times,
Spill my secrets
And come out cleansed.

When my life flashes before me,
At the flexing of your Pearly Gates,
I will softly whisper the Lord's name, in vain,
Then the repentant sinner that I am
Must confess his sins, again...

*****March 12, 2016*****

Land of Rich Resources

Pure gold is in his every smile,
little boy running down the Korle,
tugging at his high flying kite,
self-made millionaire in his own mind,
dreams flying higher than his kite.

Dark Chocolate skin mama,
son fiercely strapped behind under the market sun,
each sweat builds an ocean of dreams,
someday you will sail to bigger dream, Dear Son.

See it in towers planted from 37 to Trassaco
as they reach to touch the heavens,
see it in effigies of founding fathers pointing forward,
dreams cast in stone urging us on onward,
see them and dare to believe.

Hear it in every voice,
unbridled joy, when,
“Let there be light”,
at half past six every day,
a people unbroken,
an unending well of bubbling hope.

It's in the unbroken chains that bind us,
the fierce smiles that warm us,
a babel of languages, yet a people united,
it's not the sweat tainted gold minted coin,
it's the soul binding kinship worth its weight in gold.

Land of rich resources...

***** March 4, 2014*****