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I first discovered @AfroBloggers when Naa Takia tagged me in one of their tweets. 

I loved the account immediately. I get to exchange tweets with Bloggers all over Africa. It's a bit like +BloggingGhana

One of my favorite things about the account is Wednesday Poetry Night. Trying to squeeze a poem into 140 characters is more +Naa Takia's thing than mine but I always give it my best shot.  

Celebrating Africa:  This babel of languages Some day a harmonious choir This kaleidoscope of colors One day a warming quilt Africa Orchestra in waiting #AbWPE — Efo Dela (@Amegaxi) November 4, 2015It's amazing the number of languages in Africa. There almost no who has lived in Africa for more than 5 years who speaks just one language. In my neighborhood so many languages are spoken and somehow we get along perfectly.  

When my nose No longer is assaulted By the aroma Of some random neighbors' Well seasoned cooking, I know I'm far from home. #AbWPE — Efo Dela (@Amegaxi) November 4, 2…

My Fears

My fears,
they are
unmovable mountains
huge in size.

I told myself I need the exercise
and began to climb

*****October 28, 2015****