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Jigsaw Hearts

The pieces of my broken heart,
they fit perfectly with yours.

We are perfect
because we are broken.
******October 14, 2015*****

On Democracy

Democracy is so overrated. — House of Cards (@HouseofCards) October 14, 2015
More than ever,
they are killing people in Libya;
Long after the West uprooted Brother Muammar
And 'gifted' his people democracy.
Long after they hanged Saddam to dry,
They are killing more than the tyrant ever did,
But the West, they say it was worth the try,
Long after the CIA
Like Magi from the West
Gifted Ghana democracy,
Removing Nkrumah at Greed's behest,
Neocolonialism is today's democracy.
The damage is called acceptable,
blood, the currency with which we purchase our misery,
But it's democracy,
The West, they know what we need best.
My math is bad,
But last I checked,
They added up to Democracy.
*****September 9, 2015*****

I wrote this is a string of tweets while my mind was fuzzy from battling insomnia. I had no idea what I was doing. I checked them out this morning and they made a decent poem so enjoy and let me know your thoughts…