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Scarred Goddess

She showed me her scars
from before she became a goddess,
And I, in vain, willed my heart to be still,
Knowing she was just out of reach.
Each scar was its own gospel,
The scriptures of her sanctification,
I read them and felt unworthy,
My addled heart humbled in supplication.
Then she ascended into the heavens
Like all goddesses do,
And I, the earthbound mortal, pined away
For the scarred goddess always out of reach.
*****June 16, 2015*****

This poem is more about the said lady than the speaker.
Have you ever wondered how people become their awesome selves? The trials and tribulations they sometimes have to overcome to get to be what we admire so much? 

Mocking Rains

The gods got jealous
and the heavens went darker,
I got to meet you, they did not.
These rains,
They must be tears of laughter,
I fell in love, you did not.
*****June 13, 2015*****