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Love Un-Exorcised

Love is not a benevolent force, It’s a toxic vine That fills the mind with malevolent spores Perverting reason till we tether on the edge of sanity.
Love is The impending apocalypse Triggered at the meeting of our lips and when we finally paused for breath, Some say they felt the violent shudder of the Earth.
Love is the arch-demon that torments me That tries to tear soul from body Leaving my loins in lewd gyration Till charlatan exorcists are left perplexed, And throw their hands up in utter disgust.
Love is my personal demon writhing in my private hell, My Demon, it longs to play with yours, again.
*****December 25, 2014*****

Middle Sex

Let this god create this gender,
A gender which neither would be man
Nor woman, and when this god

Has unified the left and the right,
Men would no more have to woo women
Only to love them or break their hearts
And there would no more be painful gestation
Nor its concomitant super-painful parturition
For we shall each, in tune, carry

Our Personal Incubators (PIs) like laptops
Where future babies would be created
According to our settings and satisfactions

And when this god has made this
Gender, there no more shall be
Penis envy, nor vagina shyness

by Nana Fredua-Agyeman (@freduagyeman)