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She Is Not You

She is not you, her asymmetrical coy smile no match for the gleaming perfection on your face, and when I stare into her eyes, I see a wounded soul your unfathomable eyes always held mysteries and I lost myself knowing their stories.
She is not you; you are diamond, you captivate my eyes, she is coal, she stains my soul.
She's not you, sometimes when I kiss her, our heads bump, her nose gets in the way, we are relearning the basics and laughing at ourselves.
With you it was natural, everything came easy, maybe that's why we didn't try enough.
She is not you; Our bodies do not jigsaw perfect fit, we are two rough rocks weathering away to smoothness. I fear we'll burst in flames from the frantic friction before we are through knowing each other...
but the heat is nice.
She's not you, but that is not such a bad thing.
*****March 10, 2014*****