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My Museum of Feelings

Somewhere in that dark corner of my mind,
This dark room, filled with bits of broken hearts, And on its wall of shame, Pain painted by Virtuosos hang crooked on rusted nails, Sometimes, When my faux smiles leave me jaded, My soul walks in, dusts them off and reminisce their sorry tales.

I’ve seen men join the Calvary of Green Bottles, And in their parades lose the pain, at least for a while, But me, I pack the pain and walk that lonely mile.

Somewhere in my mind, there is a Museum of Feelings, I save the shame, the pain, And on those lonely days, I go back again to my precious bane, Dust them off and reminisce the inglorious days.

*****November 15, 2013*****
A museum of feelings
— A (@poetra_asantewa) November 15, 2013