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Look Down Dr. King

What then shall Dr. King say, When from Heaven he looks down this day, To see that cheque has finally been cashed, And the dream has come alive?
Look down this day, Dr. King, From beyond those lofty clouds And hear the great joy as we sing, For on this day, we dream no more, But awake to the dawning of a new era.
Look down Dr. King and smile, From those heady heights above, For though this day you did not meet, We know you see us from your heavenly seat.
Dear Dr. King if I may, Should the Lord in a question to you say, “Which age would you like to live in?” Please say Dr. King I pray, “Grant me Lord a few hours, of November 5, 2008”, for this is the date, when the beautiful symphony of brotherhood played.
Dr. King, Dr. King, from your stony grave awake, for the sons of former slaves and former slave owner now sit together at the table of brotherhood, and an African American now rules, he rules in your land of a thousand races.
Awake Dr. King and join in the song, for today we sing with a new meaning, "My c…