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Prayer of the Earthbound

I've heard it said,
When Good Men die
They ascend into heaven
And become stars;
Play things for the gods.

I beseech whatever fickle Spider gods
Lurk behind those lofty clouds,
Twanging on the webs of destiny,
Look at the stars beyond number
And cast aside your greed.

The Earth needs more Good Men
Than the Heavens do.

***** December 16, 2013***** Good people die a lot.
— Purry. (@Butt_ur_flyy) February 17, 2014
RIPMadiba(18/07/1918 - 05/12/2013)
RIP Komla Dumor (03/10/1972 - 18/01/2014)

My Museum of Feelings

Somewhere in that dark corner of my mind,
This dark room, filled with bits of broken hearts, And on its wall of shame, Pain painted by Virtuosos hang crooked on rusted nails, Sometimes, When my faux smiles leave me jaded, My soul walks in, dusts them off and reminisce their sorry tales.

I’ve seen men join the Calvary of Green Bottles, And in their parades lose the pain, at least for a while, But me, I pack the pain and walk that lonely mile.

Somewhere in my mind, there is a Museum of Feelings, I save the shame, the pain, And on those lonely days, I go back again to my precious bane, Dust them off and reminisce the inglorious days.

*****November 15, 2013*****
A museum of feelings
— A (@poetra_asantewa) November 15, 2013

A Place Called Home

We don't fear eternal damnation, we live here, hell can't possibly be worse.
On those cold hungry nights children are kept warm by the infernos of hell lit by angry mosquitoes dodging slaps from irritated mothers who not so silently curse absent fathers.
this land was built from blocks of apathy, the souls of the poor and downtrodden holds them together so their death is encouraged, to keep up appearances, politicians pretend they are outraged.
This is business,
The misery of the poor and needy,
funded by the rich gluttons of society, accepted and sanctified, “Blessed are the poor...”, Penury processed and packaged as humility, Just keep them poor and blissfully ignorant.
and yet weighed down we find reasons to smile, dance under the moonlight alone because we can't afford true love, Can't wait for help from above, The only Heaven we know is within.
Meanwhile, in the shadows, a vulture waits patiently for an emaciated child with an ironically large belly to …

A Thousand Setting Suns

by: Etornam Kassah

The tall tree that refused to dance was made to do so by the wind
The sapling that just rose had to move to its whim
Time came, and time went, and both were marked without and within
The sapling was bent in the direction of the wind
The tall tree on the humic soil did wind

A thousand setting suns on my life did shine
A thousand rising suns in my heart did rise
Each sun had a tale to tell, in my quest to make life mine
My early suns were warm and sublime
My noon suns shone hot and fierce; for my early suns I did pine

A hundred suns did come and go, each left an annulus on the heartwood of my soul
Like a cathedral bell they hit my soul with their toll
Five hundred suns on my soul did smile
Five hundred sunsets on my soul did shimmer
Leaving me with memories of their glimmer

A thousand suns shone through the dim of my youth
As to find myself i did seek to prove
Clouds came to shade from the suns
Dark, bulbous clouds of fury
Venting their icy drops on a vulnerable me

Societal Norms

There is our king, the traitor,
He sold our Golden throne
For a more economical wooden stool
Now white ants gradually feed
On our nation's most prized treasure.

At the bottom of the societal money chain,
You and I,
Trampled under the feet of the king,
But I’ve got the here after well planned
With Isaac, Moses and Abraham
Where I’ll pay no tax or rent.

Back at the temple;
Tithers tithe,
Large tenths in small envelopes;
Cheerfully, Cheerful Givers give,
Abundantly, out of abundance,
Then the Preacher comes in,
Well dressed,
Well pressed,
Well blessed,
Preaching a sermon of wealth and prosperity
While you and I
Chant rousing anthems of Hallelujah
On empty stomachs;
It’s all a societal norm.

It’s time to unlock bolted minds,
Touch the heart of the children,
And tell the unpopular truth,
The king will soon fall,
It will be publicized, politicized and analyzed,
Our itching ears already twitching
And our lips bound to criticize.
Our insipid imaginations
Are soon to be flushed down the dr…

Little Boat

Little Boat stay close to these shores, noble, your lofty dreams though be, stay away from the deep seas where big ships play, in those shark-infested waters, you'll know no peace.
Little Boat now far offshore, tempest-tossed, you've proved your point, gone where none crossed, now come be master of much quieter waters, there's a name to be made, small world master.
once Little Boat, now debris, Is your restless soul now free? When hubris and lofty dreams did clash, you were just another overreaching tin god.
New Little Boat now venturing out high, The Oracle grows weary of talking to little boats, stay away from deep seas where dreams go to die, you will find no peace in these treacherous seas.
*****June 10, 2013*****

Faded Glory

I can't see you through the mist, and when I close my eyes, I hear not the still breeze of your voice, just an emptiness and sometimes, disturbing thunder, I find no peace in them.
I still feel remnants of yesterday's fire burning, the last dying ember struggling to survive, and maybe we should fan these flames of yearning, but with our mutual disinterest...
I feel my soul peeping at you through my eyes with slight disinterest, and hear my heart thinking, “how did we get here?”
Faded glory...

*****April 24, 2013*****

Look Down Dr. King

What then shall Dr. King say, When from Heaven he looks down this day, To see that cheque has finally been cashed, And the dream has come alive?
Look down this day, Dr. King, From beyond those lofty clouds And hear the great joy as we sing, For on this day, we dream no more, But awake to the dawning of a new era.
Look down Dr. King and smile, From those heady heights above, For though this day you did not meet, We know you see us from your heavenly seat.
Dear Dr. King if I may, Should the Lord in a question to you say, “Which age would you like to live in?” Please say Dr. King I pray, “Grant me Lord a few hours, of November 5, 2008”, for this is the date, when the beautiful symphony of brotherhood played.
Dr. King, Dr. King, from your stony grave awake, for the sons of former slaves and former slave owner now sit together at the table of brotherhood, and an African American now rules, he rules in your land of a thousand races.
Awake Dr. King and join in the song, for today we sing with a new meaning, "My c…