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Who Is Responsible

Forget it; forget it all,
Colonialism, Neo-colonialism, Imperialism,
They didn’t cause this fall,
Some raison d'Γͺtre must exist,
A rationale for this I-Don’t-Careism,
Would you tell me?

Who’s to blame,
You, them, or me
For the way we are?

How do we explain
That we didn’t hear when Samuel F. Morse sent,
“What God hath wrought”?
Or when the brothers Wright took to flight,
Or that we know not from whence we came
Or to where we go?

Tell me, who is responsible?

Whom do I ask?
The excited barefooted children
Sitting under the blistering tropical sun singing,
“In the bleak mid winter…”
Or should I ask you sitting there, trying
To be like “Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat…”?

When the drums did beat,
Your feet couldn’t, wouldn’t dance,
You were lost to it all,
Adowa, Agbadza even the Kpanlogo stance,
You swayed not to home brewed rhythms;
Who is to blame?

Here, near the centre of the Earth,
Passions not actions define all factions,
Here where the Sun kisses length and breadth,
Fingers are pointed for days on end.

Who is responsible, for
That frisky Gypsy tipsy from whiskey
Or that boy high on something
Waiting for the wheel of fortune to come rolling?

What of the state of the realms?
What of you, me?
Who will guard us from ourselves?
Who will guard the guardian of the guards?

Who is responsible,
For loggolliggii logics?
Expert analysis given on all topics.

Who is responsible,
for the wasting away of years?
Does he not know,
We buy a timepiece, not time?

Whom do I ask these questions on my mind?
You, them, or me
And would I an answer ever find?

Who is responsible for what we’ve become?
A people who ask, “Who is responsible?”

*****July 20, 2007******

Adowa: Traditional Dance of the Akans
Agbadza: Trational Dance of the Ewes
Kpanlogo: Traditional Dance of the Gas
Loggolliggii: Crooked or Zig-Zag (a Ga word)

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God is My Barber

The sickness that made the Vulture bald
would have killed the Crow.

It is because
the gods are petty
and would not be questioned
about who they show favor to,
That Crows live to,
Squawk hysterically
At Vultures' misfortune.

We have come to understand, that,
when a petty god is your barber,
Crows, who can't afford a razor,
with their benevolent destinies,
will punctuate our precious peace
with their shameless snickering.

the Vulture
pays any mind
wages a war of words
with mockers and scoffers;
for the cure for baldness
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Finding God

The inexplicable
Is proof there's a God.

This, for me,
Is where doubt began.
For if we know today
More than we did yesterday
Then, God is
a constantly contracting chamber of ignorance.

Now if it is so
And God is the Lord of gaps
Then men of religion
May be forgiven
For their unrelenting battle
Against knowledge;
The God killer.

But if God is
the beginning of wisdom
And his people perish
For lack of knowledge
And if we know today
More than we did yesterday

Then it stands to reason
That the God to believe in
Is an ever expanding explosion of knowledge.

I have no faith
In the God of gaps
For God must be Omniscient
And ignorance is not
This, for me, is where doubt ends.

*****April 22, 2017*****

Bedtime Epiphany of a Pining Heart

I contemplated
On things that were and were not,
On why
Light retracts different, in your eyes,
Like rainbows randomly ricocheting
Off my intangible thoughts,

On why,
Words sound different, on your lips,
How you laugh,
How the sounds take a path,
Across infinite dreams,
Into all my incarnations,
Into all my iterations,
Into all...

I concluded
You are a figment
of my imagination,
You must be...

God is not so cruel
That he made a Heaven like you
Then condemned me
To the Hell of perpetual longing
Wanting, and never belonging...

*****September 14, 2016*****