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I've Seen The Future

I've seen the future, I painted it in a vivid picture.
It was,
Wilted roses and bloody skies, Miles and miles of wheat field destroyed by blight, Many dead seas and dying lands, Nations in despair untouched by light.
It was, Gardens of hope overrun by thistles and thorns, Battle axes and split skulls, Great battles won but no victory songs.
I saw Today in the mirror of truth, Emaciated and disfigured, and though she fed on the choicest meal, The nothingness nibbled at her from inside.
I've seen the future, Ignoramus, I've seen the future, Nostradamus.
I saw Tomorrow die, Slowly, Painfully, Her lungs filled with Today's fume, Her tar covered skin glistering under the scorching sun, Her muffled whimpers, Drowned by the thunderous tides.
I've seen the future because I dare, I've seen the future, it seemed so blurred.
I've seen the future, and Asaase Yaa*, She was curled up in her own blood, having been gang raped by politicians and men of religion and we stood by doing nothing.
I've seen…