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Waiting at the Gaza Gate

I’ve pushed at the giant Iron Gates of Gaza, And since I’m not Samson they budged, just a bit, But I’ve seen the beauty that lay on it plaza, And I’ve desired to share in its glory.
I wait for the shifting of plate tectonics under my feet, Hopefully, these gates will fall in the quake, Or maybe shut firmly, But two days of waiting is all I can take, Then I’ll move to lands more obsolete, And in their innocence perhaps find no deceit.
It’s a waiting game.
Behind the Gaza gate of doubt lays love undefined, This waiting game plays tricks on my mind, My nerves are frayed till I’m emotionally bankrupt, Believing that like before what lays behind is not corrupt.
The sun rides slowly across its heaven, Telling me the wait can’t last much longer, But if after the quake this gate stands in defiance, I move to lands of lesser glory and but better reliance
But for now, I wait, Grudgingly gazing at the giant Gaza Gate.
*****August 15, 2012*****