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My Life, a Melting Ice Cream

I woke up one day to find out I was dead.

I hadn’t made a name, no footprints left; They only remembered as a forgotten man, It was like I wasn’t ever there, here, By the way I lived you’d think that was the plan.
I woke up once and life had melted away.
I’m standing above myself, A halo over my once miserable head, What a sight I am, uncaring, unfeeling, And people wondering if I’m really dead.
I woke up one day to a loud silence.
I woke up to a call I could hear, I woke up to deafening silence, The end wasn’t near, the end was here, There I lay, dead in every sense.
I woke up one day and I just wasn’t there.
Pompously righteous priests nonchalantly muttered prayers As strangers planted me in the garden dead, They planted me in a garden of shadows and gloom, 6 feet in the ground in a box without much room.
I went to bed a 7pm and died at 9.
I knocked at the pearly gates, The reply was simple, "No admittance after 8", So silently, I wait, Morning is only an eternity away.
I woke up one day to find …