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A Smile

A smile; The most deceitful of facial expressions, It stands at the gate of the face like a sentry, Guarding malicious thoughts that wait in ambush, If only to their thoughts we were granted entry, We’d know…
A smile; Sharpened on the assassin’s stone, The preferred tool of betrayal for traitors, It disarms you, and when caution has flown, It plunges into the softest parts of you, Shredding your essence, Leaving a ghost of your former self.
A smile; Painlessly it slipped between my ribs, Tickled my fleshy heart, Only then did it sink its fangs into me, I died, Slowly, Painfully, Et tu, Brute!! As I lay bleeding, I stared at its beauty, still mesmerized.
A smile; The cosmetic with which malevolence is hidden, It paints beauty and draws us in, And even in our pain we still trust its innocence.
A smile; It is the camouflage that the Judases wear.
*****June 15, 2012*****

The Icarus Flight

They came from the sky like a hunter’s arrow, Our dead brothers, they never saw it coming, How shall we explain to their children tomorrow, This tale of a falling bird killing Earth-bound men.
Gracelessly, they fell from the troubled skies, When the wax on their wings melted mid-flight, In our mind, we can almost hear terrified cries, Silent screams echoing into the pitch black night.
We smell burning flesh when we close our eyes, We know not their names but we hear their cries, Our dreams are haunted by their nameless faces, Their story forever tattooed on our heavy hearts.
Which god or man keeps them up in flight? Which god or man failed us on that night? For this senseless loss can’t be blamed on chance, So tell us which sun god knocked Icarus from the sky.
We’ve defied our limits; we’ve dared the gods, We’ve achieved the impossible, shown it can be done, Our wings have touched the skies, against all odds, But sometimes like Icarus, we fly too close to the sun.
*****June 5, 2012*****
- On June 2, 2012,…