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One and Thirty Pieces of Silver

Are we just pawns?   Pawns in a gratuitous game of chess, An amusement for gods veiled behind lofty clouds?   Are we mere mortals, no more, no less, Destined, predestined for some predetermined end?
Are we ill fated prior to nativity?   ‘tis a harsh fate then, ‘twill be futile to fight it, won’t it?   We would have been preordained to fall short.
What then is destiny?   An inexorable preset end Perchance, it’s whatever happens in the end?
Was that the reason for Judas’ treason?   Was he damned beyond all reason, Doomed; accursed before the beginning of days?   Am I destined not to know, to be perplexed? Then it’s all futility, no use fighting this fate.
So what if peradventure,   For one and thirty pieces of silver, The Maestro he did betray,   What would become of his fate? Would he destiny have thwarted?   Mayhap, it would have been predestined, Destined, some crooked destiny to thwart destiny.
Somewhere, up yonder,   In that fathomless inscrutable blue, Do hallowed Deities congregate and ponder   Over s…

Ashes for Gold Dust

Why does it have to get bad before it gets good? When it’s bad what’s the guarantee it shall be well, When we toil and struggle in our personal hell, Why does it look like there’s no end in sight?
Why aren’t we all born with a golden spoon, Have our lives served to us on a silver platter, Sip on champagne and caviar all day long, When we get served our daily bread, why no butter?
Why does a Phoenix have to rise from ashes? Why not in all its glory rise from gold dust, For a creature of such majestic beauty, Surely, a grand entrance should be a must.
But one of  my mentors, he said;
“It is the law of nature, Fruits have to rot before seed Can be served to the earth for growth, A mother has to labor before birth”
So when I struggle up these steep hills and life lashes, When the sweat on my brow mingles with all the dust, When all that is good around me is but a pile of ashes, I'll tell myself, at the top, I’ll exchange it for gold dust.
*****May 18, 2012*****
Thank you Kodjo for those inspiring words …

Who Is To Say

And if I walk the misty roads of life,
Chasing a destiny that's not mine,
If through the struggle and strife,
I find that life is empty indeed,
What shall become of this shadow that is me?

Shall I sail through the Devil's triangle,
Or maybe the Dragon's
Shall I sink into the trench Mariana,
Or be swallowed by this black hole of doubt,
And if I do, what's next when there's no way out?

Mine is a destiny full of doubt,
A course that was mapped,
Then someone thought twice,
Maybe a life decided over a roll of dice,
Most likely, it's mine to decide.

If I chase a dream that is mine,
Maybe not quite mine but still I chase,
Who’s to say I didn't make a new base,
A pedestal on which my fate may sit.

I must be what I must,
And who to say what that is,
But to be that, in myself I must trust
To survive the tsunami that is doubt.

There's a path I must take,
Or maybe there's not,
But if I will it and leave none in its wake,
Who’s to say,
Life’s dividend will be naught but solid gold?


Some Things

There are some little things we let slip away, Those things, sadly, we can’t go back to, Sometimes we wish we could go back to yesterday, Just so we could find things we once held true.
So many minutes that we let go waste, So many words we could and should have said, Sometimes we say our sorry just a bit too late, Tomorrow’s regret shan’t wash yesterday’s hurt.
Many silent tears have we secretly shed, Till we were empty and shed no more, And though tomorrow laughter may be heard, Pain is what today would be remembered for.
Some memories should be put to bed, But our regrets would not let them rest, Some moments should be left to end, But when they end they hurt the worst.
Some things we wish we could go back to, But the path to them have overgrown, So we take our mistakes and what do we do, We build a cobblestone road and walk alone. 
*****May 8, 2012*****