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Changing Seasons

'tis a strange day, most peculiar, for knowing how all days look familiar, it hard to imagine aging is so slow, but I know Time, Piped Piper of the soul.
Knowing how seasons lead to season, and how yesterday left for no reason, and knowing that time and season are in this together, it's no wonder we fail to predict this weather.
I've watched green leaves plucked by hurricanes, I've watched as juicy fruits were stolen by crows, I've aged a thousand years through the pains, I've waited in vain that Time may pay what she owes.
I stagger through time and don't fall, some say seasons are the whims of a Christian God, as I grudgingly trudge through it all, it becomes harder to call aging odd.
The Weather Man, commentator on time, merging past, present, and future till it's indivisible, an oracle loved and jilted by many seasons in his prime, forever warning that the seasons are unpredictable.
The climate in my Soul has changed again, from tropical sunshine to monsoon winds and ra…

War In Kenya

There is a war in Kenya, They call it a Civil War.
The infernos of Hell came to church And people gnashed their teeth and burned, Ex-neighbours watch them burn with smiles, Excited by the wail of dying children.
How fast darkness creeps into the heart of men When the manacles of greed grip their hearts And power drunk leaders seek to reign eternal. What will then become of us?
The war in Kenya is no news, The conflict in Somalia had no use, The people in Darfur suffered too, Please tell me, would you, Where is the ambience of love we once knew?
Where do these wasted roads lead? Roads littered with charred bodies, Roads where scrawny hands pray unendingly Roads wet from the incessant rush of tears.
There is a war in Kenya, The cowards who declared it, They are hidden in stone castles Shouting senseless orders over large meals To sycophants and bootlickers on killing sprees.
There is a war in Kenya, They call it a Civil War.
People are killing people in Kenya They say it is civilized; it is called a civil war…

I Came to See You Shine

I've come 40 miles of bad road
Just to see you shine.
I've traversed the tactless valley
To see this silver line;
You're the flickering candle
In that corner after dark,
The lighthouse on the rocky shore
Guiding the ships to beach.

You shine...

Your destiny is written across the stars
And don't believe otherwise.

I've come this far to see you smile,
To see the bright light
That's my hope for the night.

I came to see you shine,
That my heart may be gladdened,
That my doubts and fears,
And the nightmares that haunt my dreams
In your bright light may cease to be.

I came to see you shine,
To see the light,
The beacon in the storm,
The southern star,
I came to know peace,
To understand the bright light that won't dim,

I came to see you shine.

*****30th November 2004*****

A Letter to Kwasi Adu

Hello Kwasi Adu,

How do you do?
I heard you are now reading your Masters,
Wow! How high you’ve climbed the academic stairs.
My current unemployed status has convinced me
That I must follow suit if I’m to make ends meet,
It seems employers have no use for a BSc. these days.

There has been a successful change of government,
Old wine in a new wineskin.
They have taken to having opulent breakfasts,
The choicest tea I’m told, straight from China,
So I’ve decided that before I’m done and dead,
I must become a corrupt politician.

God answered our prayers and sent us rain,
But since in our wisdom we choke every drain,
Floods came and stole some people away
And some have said that God is solely to blame,
Strangely God hasn’t come to defend himself,
So maybe he is guilty but who am I to say the same.

The first couple of the U.S. arrive in a few days,
I had planned to give them a Ghanaian welcome,
Stand on the street scream and frantically wave
But the fuel price hike has caused an increase in h…

The 7 O' Clock News

Welcome to the Evening News,
I thank you all for tuning in,
In today's bulletin:

Carnage on the county overpass,
Truck carrying illegal timber runs into bus,
15 dead 10 in critical condition,
Driver of truck escapes without an abrasion,
Viewers are warned that pictures may be disturbing.
Eye Witnesses says truck was overtaking.
Initial investigation reveals,  truck driver was driving impaired,
Just another one driving under influence.

The local news is brought to you by:
McCoy's number one dry Gin,
“McCoy's Gin, take life for a spin”.
In small prints, barely readable,
“18+ Drink Responsibly”.

In International News;
Japan pulverized by deadly tsunami.
Libya burning thanks to Gaddafi.
12 killed in Mexican drug violence.
BP responsible for offshore oil spillage.
U.S. warplanes in Iraq bombs an Orphanage,
They are calling it acceptable collateral damage.
Ethnic cleansing in Eastern Europe.
Cholera outbreak in indigent Haiti.
3% increase in sub-Sahara infant mortality.
Ethnico-religious violence …