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The End Time Church

We say a hurried prayer
To cover our multitude of sins,
It was time to listen to the Preacher,
He’d bless us and say all the right things
King James’ version,
“Blessed art thou”.

Deacons like Businessmen,
They sit behind the Podium
Smack their lips,
Flex well cut suits
And perform Mathematical Miracles;
Division of congregational offertory:

Impeccably gowned and groomed,
The Choir sings;
 “Hallelujah, Hallelujah”,
With excess crescendos of Sopranos;
Congregation is inspired,
The Kingdom of God is to be desired.
Tone deaf children sing along,
Elderly citizens sing their own song,
Perfect discord,
The Choirmaster is pleased.

The pews are filled,
Saints-to-be, Saints and Ex-Saints
Still dripping from baptismal waters,
The Pastor is pleased,
Just look at the size of their pockets.

The Youth is supercharged,
Holy Ghost fired,
Divinely inspired,
Riding high on Drugs;
Long hairs, Crew cuts, and Skinheads,
Maxi, Mini, Micro skirts,
With wide eyes a Boy catches a glimpse of a lady’s thighs
He keeps staring while singing,
“All Things Bright and Beautiful”

Where is the Early Church?
This is the End Time Church,
Heads buried in a Psychedelic world,
This is the Holy Church.

The Axis of Evil grows,
Destruction in apocalyptic dimension.

The Holy Church awaits the casualties.

*****18th December 2005****

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Bedtime Epiphany of a Pining Heart

I contemplated
On things that were and were not,
On why
Light retracts different, in your eyes,
Like rainbows randomly ricocheting
Off my intangible thoughts,

On why,
Words sound different, on your lips,
How you laugh,
How the sounds take a path,
Across infinite dreams,
Into all my incarnations,
Into all my iterations,
Into all...

I concluded
You are a figment
of my imagination,
You must be...

God is not so cruel
That he made a Heaven like you
Then condemned me
To the Hell of perpetual longing
Wanting, and never belonging...

*****September 14, 2016*****

God is My Barber

The sickness that made the Vulture bald
would have killed the Crow.

It is because
the gods are petty
and would not be questioned
about who they show favor to,
That Crows live to,
Squawk hysterically
At Vultures' misfortune.

We have come to understand, that,
when a petty god is your barber,
Crows, who can't afford a razor,
with their benevolent destinies,
will punctuate our precious peace
with their shameless snickering.

the Vulture
pays any mind
wages a war of words
with mockers and scoffers;
for the cure for baldness
is not found in the laughter of Crows...

*****April 4, 2017*****
My Second poem about Vultures. I really need to stop this...😂😂😂

The Vulture

In times of famine,
The Vulture does not eat grass.
When Leopards are lean
because antelopes nowhere to be seen
The Vulture sits and watches,

Those who mocked his baldness
Will do well to remember
None has seen the Vulture's corpse
And he is secure in the knowledge that none will.

when it rains
And they mock him
For having no nest still,
He holds his peace,
For the Vulture, he's a patient animal.

The Vulture is not vindictive,
Those who mocked will die,
Those who didn't will die,
It matters not.
For when carcasses lay ripe
The Vulture does not ask
If his feast was once friend or foe

*****February 1, 2016*****