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Dreams Deferred

I'm sore, from
Climbing against
The gradient of
My desires.

Dreams deferred
for a reality
forged by a society
lacking imagination.

I ache
I need somewhere to place my tired.

*****July 31, 2017*****

I need somewhere to place my tired — A (@poetra_asantewa) July 31, 2017

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The gates to your heart
Have grown small
From years of pain
And betrayal.

I stand behind them
And hand you a piece of me

That at the other side
You are putting me together
Beside you

Feeding the tasty morsels of me
To the beast
That pain conjured
To protect you
from the likes of me.

*****July 4, 2017*****

Priorities of Early Birds

It is not because
Mother Hen did not see the sun rise
That she chose to
Begin the day in silence

But there are things to do,
Chicks to feed,
Fat worms, waiting, to be eaten,
Rice, from yesterday's supper,
spilled by messy children
That hasn't been swept yet;
Unwanted suitors to run from.

It is the Cock who gets excited
About mundane certainties,
Like the sun.
It will rise again, tomorrow.

Mother Hen
Can not be bothered
About the sun,
which can not be eaten,
When she knows not
If, come break of dawn,
messy children will spill rice, again.

*****June 25, 2017*****

Mother's Magic

The pillars of creation
are held in place by
the potency
of my Mother's magic.

of old
Lost to man
reside in her bosom.

Father says
A love recipe hangs down my mother's neck.

*****November 15, 2016*****

A love recipe hangs down my mother's neck — A (@poetra_asantewa) November 14, 2016

Terms and Conditions

They say,
The best things in life
are free.

I've mortgaged my dreams
and bought
Life's realities

The best things,
They'll finally be mine...

*****May 11, 2017*****

Living the Dream

I'm selling false dreams
And getting high  On my own supply. 
A wave  Of delusion  Of self grandeur hits me; 
I know  I'm living the dream...

*****May 10, 2017*****

Finding God

The inexplicable
Is proof there's a God.

This, for me,
Is where doubt began.
For if we know today
More than we did yesterday
Then, God is
a constantly contracting chamber of ignorance.

Now if it is so
And God is the Lord of gaps
Then men of religion
May be forgiven
For their unrelenting battle
Against knowledge;
The God killer.

But if God is
the beginning of wisdom
And his people perish
For lack of knowledge
And if we know today
More than we did yesterday

Then it stands to reason
That the God to believe in
Is an ever expanding explosion of knowledge.

I have no faith
In the God of gaps
For God must be Omniscient
And ignorance is not
This, for me, is where doubt ends.

*****April 22, 2017*****